Legendary Slot Machine Fun In Beowulf

Beowulf, created by QuickSpin studios, is an epic online slot machine game. It features impressive graphics, an immersive soundtrack, and can be played now on your mobile device or home computer. The game uses a five reel, twenty five line play system, and has a number of special features that may grant massive payouts.

Beowulf – How To Play

In order to play and win in Beowulf, the player must first make an initial upfront bet. This can be done by selecting the amount you’d like to wager, using the up and down arrows found near the bottom of the screen, and clicking the circular arrow button in the bottom right. A single spin will initiate, sending the icons into motion. Once the icons have stopped, winning sequences must be formed, starting from the left of the play area. If no matches are made, the round is lost and the player must bet again. If winning sequences are made, they will payout immediately, depending on the value of the sequence.

Theme And Design

The Beowulf slot machine game is based around the well known poem, featuring the legendary character known for slaying monsters. The tiles are designed to represent the characters and aspects of the story, including the hero himself, as well as the demon queen, Beowulf’s sword and shield, the golden horn, and more. These picture icons are played beside the traditional one to ten, plus, jack, queen, king of playing cards. In order to make a winning sequence, any of the icons must be matched with themselves at least three times, up to a maximum of five times. For more detail on the possible matching sequences, please click the playtable button found near the bottom of the screen.


Bonus And Special Icons

The golden horn icon, easily identifiable by its well drawn image, acts as a wild card. It can match with any other tile to create a winning sequence. You may get, for example, two aces plus a wild card, resulting in a winning sequence of three aces. You may also get two aces and two wild cards, to create four aces. This process is valid for a maximum of five tiles per winning sequence.

Mobile Phone Optimised

This slot machine game, like real money online blackjack games,  has been optimised to play on a mobile device, using a touch screen. Note that it will not run on older model phones, and requires smart capability to display properly. The user interface and images have, however, all been designed to translate efficiently on a smaller screen, making it perfect for modern smart phone devices. In order to play, simply download the application, wait for it to install, then tap the icon. You may also play on a home computer or laptop, simply by opening the game in a web browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. If the game fails to open, please download the latest Flash software, which will automatically plug in to your browser. If you have any questions about this, or are unsure if the game will operate on your mobile device, please contact the customer support centre where you intend on downloading the game.